Seats in the theater can not be selected, they are actually chosen at the moment of purchase: a row is then given and you can choose the place. The booking starts with the rows in the front and continues towards the back (which means the sooner you book, the closer to the stage you end up sitting).

Only a ticket for both days of the seminar can be bought.

Places for disabled: There are 12 places for people on wheelchairs in 20th and 21st row – access by the lift.

Children at the seminar: Children are allowed to attend the seminar with parents who assure that the child is not going to disturb others. If the child begins to cry or otherwise disturb, the parent takes the baby away from the hall to calm it down. Children sitting on their parent´s lap don´t need an extra ticket. But consider whether is bearable for you to take your kids along.

Ticket sales was ended!!

The price of a two-day ticket

  • Favorable price from July 1 to September 9 –  180 €
  • Regular rate starting September 10 to September 23 – 200 €

The ticket sales will end on September 23, 2018.

Payment by credit card

buy online-B The registration is part of the payment process. You enter the names of subscribers according to the number of tickets and also your email where we can send your ticket(s). IN THIS CASE OF PAYMENT, you don´t need to send any informations on our e-mail

Payment via bank transfer

  • IBAN account number: ES38 1491 0001 2920 2473 8714
  • Account name:  SYLVIE MARIE ANNE DURAN
  • Bank: Triodos Bank Nv, Se
  • Bank address: C/ Jose Echegaray, 5 28230 Madrid, Spain
  • Fees – Each to his/her bank or SHARE (SHA)

Please note: After payment, please send your payment dates:

  • IBAN account number
  • Account name: = account owner name
  • the name of the participant for which the ticket is
  • send to e-mail:

This measure applies only to bank transfer payments!!

PAYPAL Payment 1:   Direct payment module

paypal6AHere you can pay via Paypal online and order any number of tickets. You enter directly into the ordering module.

On the page, click the button:   ADD TO CART
After opening the module, you can easily select the number of tickets